SMS Technology Enhances Business Communication

What would a new customer of yours prefer to receive? An email thanking them for their purchase? Or a letter and free gift, welcoming them into your business family? Chances are, the email would be deleted before it’s even read. Sending a thank you SMS message has become almost a formality. It’s great for you and your business, because it’s fast and takes very little effort.

Today, Web SMS is used for many business transactions ranging from authentication of user accounts, advertising campaigns to transaction alerts, etc. and the prospect are infinite. For marketing purposes text messages are used as effective marketing tool. They are used for campaigns, product releases and marketing competitions. With the latest web SMS technology, you can send a single message of up to 800 characters (5 messages in one). This will enable any small business owner send a complete sales letter or an advertorial letter to customers and prospects.

Months ago, a fast-food chain discovered the value of text message marketing. Statistically, Tuesday afternoon was their slowest time of the week. Then, they tapped into the power of text messaging and turned Tuesday into their busiest day. How did they do it? They did it by texting their customers on Tuesday (mid afternoon) and inviting them to enjoy a sandwich at a discounted rate.

Sending an email could never produce the same results. It had to be text. This company found an effective way to reach busy, stay-at-home moms and the people who were running errands during their lunch breaks. Sending an email could never produce the same results. The text had to come right as people were getting hungry, and it gets directly to the prospects mobile phones.

Web SMS are useful in overall business practice in various ways and in websites. A message can be forwarded through web text to a website’s owner if a fresh order needs to be placed by way of their online store. The online store administrator can send the verification code to their mobile phones, if new users wish to join a website through web SMS so that the details furnished are correct.

Many users will submit information by using “contact us form” and the reply can be sent through web SMS to the concerned person instead of sending emails. The users can also response to submission, for posting messages online and updating their details through the same means.

By applying Web SMS in all the areas of business, success can be achieved, as business is about customer service. It is economical and in some cases free, which is more advantageous. SMS via mobile phone seem to be inexpensive, but when you send plenty messages the price to be paid mounts up. Whereas web SMS are faster and easier to write and amend than writing messages in mobile phones.

You can use only one finger to type messages in a computer which is quicker than writing in cell phones with less strain to the fingers. It’s not necessary to send all your SMS immediately as they can be scheduled on priority bases. No international rates are charged on them as they are on flat rate.

Today’s business requirement demands that you communicate clearer, faster and cheaper. A reliable web SMS service that meets the full requirement is what you need. Give it a trial today with free account.