Effect of Technology on Business

The number of technological advancements that have occurred in past few decades are quite many and life changing. Even better news is that greater innovations are clearly on the horizon. The information age has taken over control of most business operations and almost all organizations or businesses have a digital component. A few thoughts on the effect of technology on business are outlined below.

Many large and powerful multi-national companies have come up on the platform of tools related to technology. Some of these tools are computers, cell phones and internet sites. Technology has ended up being part of our culture as nowadays people trade information and technological tools.

Technology has really changed the manner in which we communicate drastically. Almost everyone nowadays has a mobile phone and most feel they have lost part of themselves whenever they forget their mobile phones at home. Text messaging and Email have also changed our way of interaction from day to day. Technology is very entrenched to the extent of one colleague having to email another co-worker who is seated five or so feet away. People that are far apart from each other can also communicate effectively and efficiently courtesy of technology.

The effect of technology on business has been tremendous. National and international business has been made a reality by technology. Nowadays people are able to trade with others that are hundreds of miles away and even make and receive payments online and all these is supported by the power of technology. Nowadays it is possible to send and receive mail in a matter of seconds while in the past; it could have taken months for a message to be conveyed from one person to the other.

People have become very dependable on technology nowadays; it is no longer just a means of accomplishing work. The effect of technology on business has been amazing too. Technology has made quite a large number of people to get addicted to it such that when it “goes down”, they are at a loss on what to do next. I can only hope to be around in the next few decades so that I get to see how man will be affected by technology.