3D Technology for Business

The surge in 3D technology over the past few years has not only affected consumers but also businesses too.

Obviously the main business sector that has benefited from it is the entertainment industry. Cinemas have experienced a surge in customers since the release of 3D films such as Avatar and Toy Story 3. These films really set a trend and now more and more movies are being shot and screened in 3D. The world of cinema has been largely unchanged for decades and it really needed this injection of fresh 3D magic to start pulling audiences back in.

Once this cinema revolution took off it naturally progressed into the home. People wanted to experience 3D on a daily basis with their favourite films and programs. This has hugely benefited electronics companies who have met this demand with numerous 3D TVs, 3D glasses, 3D Movies, Blu-Ray, 3D computer games, consoles and so much more.

So 3D has positively impacted these businesses but can it impact yours? 3D technology is still in its infant stages really. 3D presentation equipment is one of the most obvious ways in which traditional businesses could utilise this technology. This means that there could be interactive pie charts, graphs and slides that could be used in sales meetings, marketing meetings and staff training. It is a much more engaging way of presenting information than traditional 2D slides.

It is also thought that there will be a move towards 3D websites. This would be very engaging for the visitor and make browsing through your videos, products and company information much more exciting. The use of 3D websites will also revolutionise the way publishers advertise and the higher level of engagement would make these ads far more lucrative. While 3D websites are a few years off yet, the possibilities are huge – 3D Facebook anyone?

The areas of design and engineering will also benefit greatly from 3D technology. They could use 3D Images and holograms as part of the engineering process; it would be a new sort of prototype building.

3D technology is advancing rapidly and there is no doubt that it will sneak in to every corner of our lives sooner or later. 3D TVs will become the norm, Blu-ray will replace DVDs, and Businesses will have 3D websites and offer 3D catalogues! The sooner you can start embracing this technology, as both a homeowner and business owner, the better it will be for you in the long run.